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Client Satisfaction

We want every one of our clients to be satisfied with the product they receive.

Visually Apealling Documents

Your job application is a reflection of your professional self. We strive for visual perfection to represent our clients as organised, clear and focused employees.


Persuasive Content

Language matters. We use it to our clients advantage by ensuring every word has meaning.

Latest Blogs

How To Series: Complimentary Closes

Complimentary closes are tricky. Whether it’s an important email, casual application or the cover letter for your dream job, the final words say a lot about how you’re approaching the position and your feelings about your future employer. Some complimentary closes...

Tips For Writing Your Resume

A bit confused about what you should put on your resume? Here are some tips on what to add or omit when you’re creating your next application. The fashion of resumes is forever evolving. One year it might be providing a biographical snapshot of who you are and how you...

The Team

We are a duo with expertise in different writing fields, bringing extensive knowledge to provide our clients with a tailor-made service.

Along with the education and skills learnt throughout University, we have educated ourselves in the best practices for resume and cover letters. We continue to educate ourselves through speaking to people within recruitment and online research.  Each resume and cover letter is researched depending on the field our client is applying to, ensuring that it is the best match for their industry.

Together, we have built May Day Writing and bring our passions to every piece that we work on, resulting in a personalised experience for every single one of our clients.

Kelly Walker

A double whammy majoring in Professional Writing and Publishing, and Creative Writing. Kelly has employment experience in administration, retail, and the mining industries. Kelly is especially skilled in highlighting the best in every client and portraying their qualities through the use of language.

Wallis Hamilton

A communications guru with majors in Marketing and Web Media, Wallis’ work experience includes the mining, hospitality and non-for profit sectors. Wallis applies her marketing and communications skills to bring every client visually appealing resume’s to best represent the individual.


No Matter What Industry You’re In, We Can Make Your Application Stand Out.

“The first thing they asked me was which positions will I be applying for and was given so much valuable advice for modernising and tailoring my CV to purpose that I am now so much more confident to hand it out.”


Accounting Student

“I thought my resume was pretty decent until these lovely ladies at May Day Writing gave it some TLC. Looks amazing and well done for tackling the “Nursing Resume” they can be pretty confusing. Thanks so much ladies, very very happy!”


Registered Nurse

“Regardless of industry and position, the lovely ladies at May Day Writing will work their magic and create an application that puts your best foot forward. They’re also a treat to work with!”


Human Resources Professional

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