Multiple Services to Fit Your Needs


Resume Update


A solution for people who already have a complete resume but require assistance with making it more appealing to future employers.

Textual edit

Adjust language for improved professional presentation

Implement visual appeal

Remove unnecessary formatting

Resume Restructure


Already have a resume but require more than a simple edit? With an easy to read layout and enhanced content, your resume will be fresh and ready for your future employers.

Create an industry appropriate layout

Textual edit

Adjust language for improved professional presentation

Implement visual appeal

Easy to read

Remove unnecessary formatting

Recommended for resumes 3+ pages long

Resume from scratch


This option is for people who do not have a resume. We will send you a form to fill out and in return, you will get an attractive, persuasive resume ready to hand out!

Create a resume with crisp language that appeals to future employers

Create a personal brief that is relevant to you and your skills

A fresh layout that is modern and easy to read

Cover Letters

Cover Letter Edit/ Update


Does your cover letter need fresh language, a new approach or a proofread? Send us your current cover letter and we will put a personal yet professional edge that will help your cover letter sell you.

Cover Letter From Scratch


Unsure how to structure and present a cover letter? Want to REALLY stand out and present yourself professionally? After a few questions, we can create an appealing cover letter that represents you best.

Selection Criteria

Quote upon request

Employers use selection criteria to identify possible employees personal qualities, skills, abilities, and knowledge. Often examples from previous positions, employers will ask for specific questions to be addressed in your cover letter. They can be tedious and hard work but our resident writer, Kelly, loves that type of thing.

Our Gaurantee

Professionally designed resume and cover letter

No matter what industry you’re in, we will create a personalised resume that will help you stand out.

Free revisions

We’ll send you a draft copy of your resume or cover letter before we finalise them, so we’ll be able to discuss the final product and any desired changes.

Tailored documents

We don’t use the same template for all of our clients. Your resume and cover letter will be personally tailored to fit your industry, skills and goals.

Final copies in PDF and Word Doc format

You will receive the final copy of your documents in a Microsoft Word Document format, so if you need to make changes or add a job in the future, you can do it yourself for free.


Cover Letter Edit/ Update


per page

This option is great for finalising professional documents including small business proposals and official letters.

Digital Content

$1 per 10 words

minimum 200 words

Renting out a room on Airbnb? Need help representing your small business on Gumtree? We can help! This option is available for clients who would like help writing up once-off digital content.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Interested in creating a social media presence for your business by using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or WordPress? Contact us to discuss further!

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