Wow, looks amazing! I look amazing! You are amazing! You have seriously lifted this massive weight off my shoulders. I actually feel like I can do this job now, after reading that.



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I thought my resume was pretty decent until these lovely ladies at May Day Writing gave it some TLC. Looks amazing and well done for tackling the “Nursing Resume” they can be pretty confusing. Thanks so much ladies, very very happy!


Registered Nurse

After May Day Writing helped me with my job application, I got them to write my Airbnb advertisement. I would definitely recommend their services to friends, they were helpful throughout the process and offered a speedy turnaround.


Even if you’re a little unsure about your CV you should contact May Day. It’s been a while since I updated mine so I got in touch. The first thing they asked me was which positions will I be applying for and was given so much valuable advice for modernising and tailoring my CV to purpose that I am now so much more confident to hand it out. The advice was also given to me in a really friendly and fun manner whilst remaining professional- can’t recommend enough! Craig

Accounting student

You two are amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Qualified Chef applying for gardening and landscaping positions

Part of my current role involves recruiting for IT, Support and Sales roles. I can’t stress the importance more of a professionally crafted CV that will make your application stand out from the masses. Regardless of industry and position, the lovely ladies at May Day Writing will work their magic and create an application that puts your best foot forward. They’re also a treat to work with!


Huamn Resources Professional

I went over my resume many times but didn’t know what was missing or why it wasn’t perfect. The girls touched up the style and details to make it look exactly what I was picturing! Love it 


Occupational Therapist

You’re a godsend. You have put so much work into this; I am blown away!


A Gender Studies and Psychology graduate looking for a position within the sexual health/mental health sector.

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